Ever wonder what your mechanical pencil is made of?

Mechanical Pencil Breakdown

Using the presentation tool Prezi, I reworked a technical description I wrote in November. This was my first time using Prezi to create anything, and I had a lot of fun playing around with it. The canvas zooming method of presenting topics creates pretty fancy transitions, and could perhaps convey some material even better than PowerPoint slides — not to mention help keep things interesting for the viewers.

Anyway, check out my presentation below and let me know what you think!


Educational Animation

IBM Think Academy: “How It Works” Video

The IBM Academy of Technology’s THINK series provides a number of educational videos that attempt to explain various aspects of modern technology. The following video describes how Cloud Security works using a fun, flat-style animation. In my opinion, the animations really help to make the potentially intimidating topic much friendlier, while also helping to convey the educational points. Way to go, IBM!


Hello World! (First post)

Welcome to my website! 

Thanks for dropping by my technical writing website. I created it to be a platform for showcasing my work and for blogging about technical communication-related topics.

See below for the contents of this site:

Please check back later for more updates, including new blog posts and portfolio pieces, which should be added soon!

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